Here's a picture of one of our campsites in Salchaket Slough. The purple tent is mine and the blue one is Dan's. When we went on extended trips into the woods, I always had a hard time getting to sleep the first night out. After all, we were in the middle of the best grizzly habitat on Earth. Whenever the wind came up quickly and shook the tent, I would awaken with a start, thinking that a grizzly was shaking the tent. The second, third and fourth nights out were always easier.

It never gets dark in the summertime in Interior Alaska. During the three months I was there, I didn't see darkness the whole time. I had to sleep with a viser over my eyes in order to get to sleep. The other problem I have in the woods is that whenever I hear a bird sing, I automatically identify the song. That's fine and all on a nature walk but it makes sleeping impossible. To solve that problem, I have to wear earplugs in order to sleep when I go camping.

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