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I recently posted the following emails, and haven't had any guesses or information yet - PLEASE SEND YOUR GUESSES!!!!

Hello.  My name is Christine Gerbrandt and I am married to Cory Gerbrandt.  We live in Steinbach, Manitoba.  We are wondering if we fit into one of these twelve tribes (offspring of Jacob and Justina Gerbrandt, a brother of Jacob's, or...?). 

Our father's name is Peter Gerbrandt and his father's name is Leonard Gerbrandt.  Leonard was raised in Saskatchewan (Herbert / Morse area).  He married Agnes Wiebe.  (But I'm not sure if that was here or there)  He later moved to Steinbach where his family was born.  He had 4 girls and 6 boys.  He died in his mid to late thirties from some type of kidney failure.  He served in the army during WWII.  We do not know too much about him because he died before we were born.  (Way before)  We think he died July 1st, 1960. 

Do you know where we fit into these twelve tribes?

-Cory and Christine Gerbrandt

If anyone has any information that could help Cory and Christine locate Leonard Gerbrandt's relationship to our family, please send me an email at:

I have received similar queries about other Gerbrandts from others, so we really need help in documenting our connections to these other Gerbrandts. Here are two of them:

I grew up in Southern Saskatchewan and my maiden name was Gerbrandt.  I had within the last two years started to try to find some information on the family history.  Circumstances made it difficult for me to do this seriously.  I was thrilled to come upon your site today. 

Do you have any information about the tribes that stayed in Canada?  My grandparents are gone and my father doesn't have a lot of information so I don't know if I can even figure out which tribe I belong to.  I would like to try though. Thank you in advance for any information that you can pass along. Sincerely,

-Sharon Forget

I noticed on your web page that your family lived in Steinau.  My Grandfather lived in Steinau#1 and I was wondering if you might know where that is because I am having a hard time locating it. Thanks for the help,

-Jennifer Penner.

I'll post your answers to these mysteries as they arrive. THANK YOU!!!

Lauren K. Gerbrandt