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Photos from the Alaskan Outback

In the spring and summer of 1998, I worked on a bird research project for the Alaska Bird Observatory (ABO). The research took place at Fort Wainright army base outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. This project marked the fourth consecutive year that I conducted bird research in the Northwest. During the last four years, I have learned how to identify all of the birds in Western Oregon, Western Washington and Interior Alaska by sound alone. Much to my delight, people are willing to pay me to do just that.

The purpose of the survey was to identify all of the different species of birds that are found on the Army's property at Fort Wainright. The Army commissioned the survey with the intent of using the information to avoid bombing areas that could be considered critical wildlife habitat.

I took all of these photos while conducting bird research for the Alaska Bird Observatory. I tried to capture what it felt like to be in the remote, cold, beautiful, dangerous and fragile wilderness that is Interior Alaska. Not an easy task. I hope you enjoy this group of photos and that they give you an impression of what it's like to conduct field ornithological research.

I have chosen the following format in order to speed up the load time: Thumbnails of all of the pictures are shown in the table below. If you see a picture that interests you, simply click on the picture and you will be linked to a larger version of the picture which has a few words about the significance of the pictured area or event.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture.
Equipment Diagram Equipment Diagram The house where I lived The house where I lived
Obligatory action pose Is this guy a nerd or what? Tresspass cabin Tresspass cabin
Grizzlies Grizzlies Orca Orca
Bird Crew '98 ABO Bird Crew '98! Wood River Trip Wood River Trip
Black Bear and Wolf Tracks Black Bear and Wolf Tracks Camp Camp
Early morning fog Sunrise Black Spruce Forest Black Spruce Forest
Mosquitos Mosquitos Salchaket Slough Salchaket Slough
Forest Forest The Dogs The Dogs

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